VIRA : Nooraneh smart lighting

Vira Smart linear luminaires have the Vira system advantages just with an integrated all in one sensor and are able to : - Adapt the light levels of the room according to the available daylight. - Lights turn on after detecting any movement and presence - Adjustable light level control with an IR remote control in 150, 300 and 500 lux period. - Stand-alone functionality without any rewiring costs.


Energy saving and increasing buildings efficiency are one of the most important elements for improving the quality of modern life and buildings.

Being simple and effective,” VIRA” smart lighting solution is an easy way of accomplishing that purpose with the subsequent features without any need for rewiring:


–    Presence detection for turning and keeping the lights ON in case of entering occupants

–    Lights will turn off with an absent detection using an adjustable delay time

–    Light level control in three preset either free-range levels

–    The stand-alone operation is shown in the above pictures with the following  functions

 “A” fixture which is installed close to the window (natural light source) has a lower light output in comparison with “B” fixture and both luminaires adapt their light output to the available natural light thanks to a daylight sensor.


Different Energy saving levels in compare to T8 light fixtures:



Adjustable parameters:


1.time delay after detecting the last presence

2. second light level duration in time of absence

A. light level

B. second light level in the time of absence

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